An effective and playful teaching method to learn digital

When you’ve got the passion, you owe to pass it on!


Learning digital today is getting the skills required for the future and giving meaning to tomorrow’s world.

This is why our animators are professionals, passionate about digital. They are trained to our teaching method and qualified to take care of children & teenagers.


Guiding young people to learn and master computer science and new technologies, this is our mission.

This is why we give extra attention to each child to enable him or her to progress at his / her own pace, respecting his or her differences and personality.


Experiment, understand, create, try, make mistakes, test, redo, innovate and succeed, this is our philosophy.

This is why, we encourage young people to think and help each other in finding together solutions, in order to give them confidence and allow them to reveal their talents.


Imagining stories, making video games and inventing objects, this is great to grow up.

This is why, we invite kids to free their creativity in all fields and develop their imagination. Computer science is an amazing tool to discover oneself differently.



Share an exclusive experience in an exceptional place, this is our wish.

This is why, we took great care to design a friendly learning place,  an academy in a New-York loft style, gathering authenticity and new technologies.

Enthousiastic young people and happy parents! 100% pleasure